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The Full Story


Used by athletes and celebrities, microcurrent facial therapy is the most talked about non-invasive solution to look and feel younger! Microcurrent therapy is the perfect anti-aging remendy for facial and body toning. 


Microcurrent uses low levels of electrical current to stimulate facial muscles as well as cell renewal and repair. Perfect anti-aging facial. #toning #lifting and #sculpting


NeurotriS Microcurrent is a complete anti-aging program that is customized to each individual and their specific aging concerns. As we age, the skin can lose its natural radiance with the formation of fine lines and wrinkles as well as muscles start to atrophy, and we lose overall skin firmness.


Neurotris Microcurrent works by igniting muscle memory to retrain muscles. The treatment can smooth fine lines, diminish wrinkles and promote radiance by facial muscle toning to produce the effects of a natural lift.


There is no downtime or pain associated with the NeurotriS microcurrent treatment and very few contraindications. We strongly recommend that with the 10 treatment series appointments be made twice per week for optimal muscle memory retention. After the initial series is completed, a monthly treatment is recommended for maintenance. Although we can create a custom treatment plan with you so to help you meet and maintain your goals.


Hydration is extremely important before and after treatment for the best results. 


NeurotriS Microcurrent gained popularity among the Hollywood elite after Madonna praised its age defying results. That might have initially caused the influx of interest in NeurotriS, but its the technology and the results it produces that has set it apart from other microcurrent systems in the market. 


NeurotriS offers a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance, on both the face AND body.

What is Microcurrent?

Current is the movement of electrons. Microcurrent is a small number of electrons that move from one end to the other. Neurotris is the developer of the only dynamic microcurrent device on the market that optimizes the signal based on an individual's skin at the time of treatment to ensure constant waveform, delivering the best results.

Body Detox

Neurotris microcurrent machine, the only FDA approved microcurrent machine on the market. Microcurrent is a holistic method of eliminating toxins and reducing the size of fat cells. The Neurotris machine uses patented technology to strengthen the muscles at the same time. This technology will also reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and elasticity. Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage are additional benefits.

Neurotris Benefits:

Lymphatic drainage,


Muscle toning to get a 'lift',


Improved blood circulation,


Increased oxygenation,


Boost metabolism with increased muscle activity,

Sophisticated Technology with safety & results in mind

All NeurotriS™ microcurrent facial machines have bio-feedback skin impedance monitoring that maintains the appropriate multi-signal no matter the skin impedance. It is because of this ability to maintain the multi-signal purity, NeurotriS™ body and facial machines produce faster results that last longer. 

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