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Scullpla mask treatment

✨ The perfect addition to your Jet plasma series ✨

Learn the secret to how SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask Treatment works so you can achieve  magical results with this luxurious treatment. You’ll will be spell bound by the results. 

It begins with the very best quality collagen-boosting PLLA available on the market. Not all PLLA is the same. Sourcing this ingredient is time consuming and costly for the manufacturer. Knock-off PLLA products simply do not get the results clients are seeing with the SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask Treatment. PLLA works by attaching itself to the hair attached to the hair follicle allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin. With each successive treatment, PLLA builds to create a collagen boosting, skin firming, wrinkle smoothing results. The PRO GRADE formula has additional top secret anti-aging ingredients made available only to you by Radiant Beauty& Wellness.

In addition to the PRO treatment, when your clients use of CaviPLLA Multi-Serum, Stem Cell Mist, and Promoter Cell Repair Cream on a daily basis, they extend the life of the treatment for even more filler-like results.


  1. There’s No Sculplla if There’s No PLLA

  2. Sculplla is a facial serum that is administered topically to the skin. It works by sending an active component known as PLLA or Poly L Lactic Acid into the top layer of the skin, where it can plump up wrinkles and lines. Other anti-aging favorites, such as caffeine, niacinamide, and EFG peptides, are included in the serum.

  3. The Extra Benefits of Sculplla

  4. Sculplla offers extra perks and advantages. With the Sculplla facial treatment, you can actually treat anti-aging at the cellular level instead of just doing damage control on the aging symptoms that have already surfaced, unlike filler treatments that work because they restrict the natural functioning of the muscles.

  5. Slowing Down Cellular Damage Before It Even Starts

  6. Treatments with Sculplla slow down damage at the cellular level before it begins. As a result of stimulating your body’s collagen creation for long-term advantages, this facial’s effects are instantly discernible and grow stronger with each subsequent treatment.

  7. No Downtime

  8. There’s also no downtime other than not taking a shower or sweating for the next 12 hours. One Sculplla treatment will produce results that last up to 5 weeks, and three treatments done a week apart can produce results that can last up to 5 months in duration. After this procedure, your skin will be smoother, your crow’s feet will be smaller, and your nasolabial folds will be softer.

  9. Is it possible to use Sculplla in conjunction with other treatments?

  10. Yes, of course! The Sculplla Facial Treatment involves a fair, professional exfoliating treatment to clear the pores and improve penetration. This procedure can be combined with a non-surgical facelift to create the ultimate “Red Carpet” Facial.

  11. How should I know if I’m a good candidate for the Sculplla Facial Treatment?

  12. Are you over the age of 25? If this is the case, you are an excellent candidate for Sculplla Facial Treatments because you begin to lose roughly 1 percent of your collagen every year. The Sculplla Facial Treatment increases the body’s natural production of collagen, making it an excellent preventative treatment for you if you want to get rid of those wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture,  and fine lines around your gorgeous face– all of that in just 60 minutes!

  13. How long do these results last?

  14. Sculplla’s effects build up over time; one treatment can last up to five to six weeks, and three or more treatments set one or two weeks apart can last up to five to nine months. Results may vary.

  • One treatment is sufficient for up to three weeks.

  • Three treatments can last for up to three to four months.

  • Five sessions can last up to six to nine months.

Benefits of Sculplla Facial

Anti-aging characteristics combined with stimulation of collagen production will be resulting in the following benefits, and you’ll see that:

  • The fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles have been reduced.

  • Your skin has been tightened and lifted

  • Your skin tone has been improved.

  • Your skin is glowing and radiant.

  • Your skin’s hydration lasts a long time.

  • Your skin is the epitome of plump, youthful perfection

  • The overall complexion appears to be brighter.

As a tip, you could take before and after photos to see how much has changed since you got your Sculplla Facial. Because you see your face every day, it can be challenging to notice the gradual changes. It is vital to take decent before and after pictures because we do not see the changes. Remember– no make-up, and a lot of light. Keep in mind that these are solely for your viewing pleasure.
Suppose you are willing to explore and enjoy dermal fillers’ rejuvenating and volumizing effects but are not interested in or prepared for an injectable procedure. In that case, the Sculplla Facial may be the perfect option for you! No more needles, lengthy procedures, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tones for you.

Sculplla Needle-Less Filler Mask Treatment

2 hours - @ $250.00

5 treatment series is $40 off

Before & After

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